Working Out with Your Dog

Dogs are considered as man’s best friend. They’re lovable. They’re cuddly. They’re enjoyable to have. They make excellent company through so many years and they give you all the love they can give with little to no exchange at all. Because of our likeness, dogs should be treated like people too. They deserve to be given good food. They deserve to live in a warm home. And they also need to get the adequate exercise that we need too. But what are the exercises that you can do together with your canine companion? Let’s find out.

Brisk Walking

The classic way of taking the dog out for a walk can actually do a lot of wonders for your health. Studies have shown that brisk walking can strengthen your immune system, improve your cardiovascular health and even lose weight in the process. Because of your dog’s high energy output, you become more motivated and challenged to keep exercising through this easy method. Studies have also suggested that owning a dog promotes the opportunity to engage in more physical activities which give you the chance of getting all of its benefits.

Dog Yoga

This uncanny and unique practice or shortened as “Doga” is a type of exercise that involves massaging, stretching of your muscles, rotating your joints and achieving relaxation for both you and your dog. Though many yoga enthusiasts dismiss dog yoga, there are practitioners who state that dog yoga helps in achieving relaxation while also achieving a deeper and stronger connection with their canine. It may sound silly but it has been found out that people who were reluctant to exercise were motivated by their dogs in engaging in dog yoga. As you experience more motivation and drive to engage in exercising, you reap the benefits of exercise while also

Agility Training

This is actually a form of competitive sport which tests the dogs speed, agility and finesse in executing movements while in an attempt to complete an obstacle course within a set amount of time. What makes it so great is that it also becomes a form of exercise for the owner of the dog. Why? That’s because as your dog tries to complete the obstacle course, you have to keep up with the speed of your dog while serving as his/her guide. You have to work side by side, issuing the necessary commands while your dog executes them. This will improve both yours and your dog’s cardiovascular health, improve muscular strength and enhance respiratory capacity.



This is a combination of skiing and mushing which involves the dog being harnessed to the owner. This becomes a team effort as the dog pulls you while you keep the momentum and pace going, increasing in speed. This helps in improving your cardiovascular health while forming a unique bond with your dog.


You’ve probably seen a lot of dogs on television dancing and strutting their stuff to the music. Dancing is actually a great workout for both you and your canine. It helps in burning calories, promoting flexibility and a myriad of benefits to your health. Discover more