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Artisan Garden Design from the professionals

Hand Drawn Garden Designs & Artwork

If you want to make the most of the space in your garden, or want to create a certain style, then it’s worth having a professional garden design drawn up. Garden design isn’t something that most people think about, but it can really help you appreciate your outdoor space even more. We can create a space that’s beautiful and practical, turning your garden into an extension of your home.

Our hand drawn garden designs cover all types of garden and landscaping. We can produce beautiful concepts incorporating all of your ideas including but not limited to patios, water fountains and water features, raised gardens, led lighting and more.

Specialists in unique, bespoke design

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Bespoke Garden Design

Our range of garden design services include

Garden Renovation

We can help you completely renovate your garden, turning your dream garden into reality. From bespoke gardens to modern courtyard gardens.

Gardening Advice

Our professional team can assist with all gardening queries from maintenance to plant guidance, we provide ongoing assistance.

Plant Beds & Arrangements

Our garden experts can help with plant beds and planting arrangements for all types of flower, fruit and vegetable.

Garden & Lawn Care

Our experts can help you create the perfect lawn, our landscapers can help create flat, defined, even lawns that are visually perfect.

Specialist Planting

Our garden team can help you with specialist planting and advanced garden arrangements including bespoke flower beds and more.

Dream Garden Creation

We’ll turn your dream garden into reality. Our professional designers will help with every aspect of your gardens design and layout.


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Many of our clients want a complete overhaul of their garden, and this can mean basically clearing the entire space and starting again. You may have moved into a new property with an uninspired garden, or you might have let your existing space become overgrown, in which case a garden renovation can be an excellent way to reclaim the space.

Al-fresco living

One thing that’s becoming increasingly popular in garden design is creating outdoor living and dining spaces that can be used year round. If you’re thinking of having a sunken living room, or an al-fresco dining room added to your garden, then we can come up with a design that works for the existing space. We can even add shelter and outdoor heaters to help you combat the British weather.


A big part of garden design is choosing the right trees, shrubs, and plants that will suit your outdoor space. However, it’s not just about choosing what looks best. We will create a garden that suits your level of enthusiasm for gardening, for example, if you don’t have much time for maintenance, we would choose plants that don’t require much attention. It’s also important to choose plants that match the local soil and climate. Because we work with clients across the UK, we often carry out research into the best flowers and greenery for different areas, and can use our knowledge to ensure your garden stays looking good.

Space planning

We work with clients who have garden spaces of all sizes, and use space planning to make the most of what’s available. Some newer properties only have tiny gardens, but this space can still be put to good use, and it’s surprising what you can achieve in a limited space.

Some of our clients have the opposite problem. They have large gardens, perhaps even several acres of grounds, but don’t really have any usable outdoor space. By fencing off certain areas, or adding paving, we can create zones for relaxing, play, or whatever you want to use your garden for.

Hard and soft landscaping

It’s important that all aspects of your garden design work together, which is why we offer a comprehensive design service that includes hard and soft landscaping. From patios and pavements, to grass and plants, we take care of every aspect of your garden, so you can just relax and wait for the project to be completed.

If you are considering a new look for your garden, then speak to us today to find out about our garden design services.

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